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1. We accept payments through PayPal

If you are going to use PayPal, you have to fill the Donation Form below. Please, give your mailing address.We will send your a letter of thanks, which will also serve as a receipt for tax purposes. In the end of the form click the button Send. After that follow this link: 

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The entire registration with connecting your bank account and sending some money to your PayPal account can take 10-12 days. This is a fee for security. But after that you will not have any problems with any payments and purchases through Internet.

2. We accept checks and International Money Orders too.  

You are welcome to send your checks and Money Orders to our mail address:

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In this case you can print Donation Form here, please, fill it clear to read and send it in your envelope with your check or International Money Order.

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Special Gift (e.g.  candles, icons, church decorations, calendars, books etc.)


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Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia Orthodox Church is a charitable organization. 
As such, your
donations are tax exempt.

We will acknowledge your donation with a letter of thanks, which will also serve as a receipt for tax purposes.

 May the Lord God remember you in His Kingdom,

Always now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.